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    ACADEMYNET Εγγύηση Επιτυχίας

    Academic Essays, Documents for University applications, Documents for Job applications, Study Choice Guidance, University Applications, Plagiarism Checking, Statistical Analyses

    Welcome to Academynet – Academic Writers

    The Academic Writers of Academynet provide you with reliable and complete support for Academic Essays, Documents for University applications (Personal Statements, Statement of Purpose, Motivational letter, Curriculum Vitae,  Letter of recommendation, Reference Letter), Documents for Job applications (Curriculum Vitae, Cover Letter, Personal Statement, Reference Letter), Study Choice Guidance, University Applications, PowerPoint Presentations, Statistical Analysis, Plagiarism Checking, Papers and Book editing.

    Academynet’s Academic Writers consistently and reliably offer you academic writing support for undergraduate and postgraduate academic essays. The Academynet’s Academic Writers prepare your essays according to the strictest academic standards. This means that your essays will be strictly scientifically written and have a distinct, original and unique character.

    All the Academic Writers of our team have the appropriate experience and the parchment to provide you Academic Writing Support for all kind of academic essays for universities and colleges in Europe, U.S.A. and Australia.

    In addition, we direct you responsibly to choose the appropriate course between a wide range of courses, universities and countries. Many of the undergraduate and postgraduate courses that we suggest you are FREE and they are taught in English.

    We also undertake the complete process of preparing applications to secure a place for you at any university in Europe, U.S.A and Australia.

    In addition, we greatly enhance the effectiveness of your application, by compiling unique, attractive and targeted Documents for University applications. We have the necessary knowledge and experience that will make you stand out from other candidates.

    We also strengthen your competitiveness and candidacy offering you great documents for job applications that convince employers of your suitability.

    We at Academynet are the only complete solution for students! We assist you decisively from the stage of your graduation from high school and university until you acquire the job you want!!

    Reasons to choose Academynet:

    • It provides you with excellent and reliable guidance and personalized counseling at all stages of your studies to the university
    • You get high-quality services at reasonable prices as to be accessible to everyone
    • The privacy policy of your personal details is strictly kept
    • It guides you reliably in selecting the appropriate course based on your financial capability and expectations
    • It relieves you from the stress of the complex process of applying to universities of Europe, U.S.A and Australia
    • Contributes decisively to secure a place at the university of your choice by providing you with well-writen Documents for University applications
    • Helps you in your professional career by compiling excellent documents for job applications that boost your competitiveness in the labor market
    • It provides you with integrated services and guides you from the stage of graduation upon finding a job
    • The Academynets’ Academic Writers provide you with effective Academic Writing Support to academic essays by significantly enhancing your academic performance

    We at Academynet are always progressing! We are in line with the developments and requirements of universities and respond to the challenges of modern times!!

    We are able to lead responsibly and reliably even the most demanding students in their academic career. Our high-quality services are specially formulated to help our students achieve their academic goals.

    ACADEMYNET Φοιτητικές Εργασίες

    Academic Writing

    Academic Essays

    The Academic Writers of Academynet provide you with reliable and comprehensive Academic Writing Support for all kinds of undersgraduate and postgraduate academic essays for universities and colleges in Europe, U.S.A. and Australia, enhancing your academic performance.

    Plagiarism Checking

    Academynet with its modern plagiarism control software keeps you accurately informed of the plagiarism detected in your academic essays or the texts of your website.

     PowerPoint Presentation

    If you want a successful presentation of your academic essays, come to Academynet. Our Academic Writers undertake to present your academic essays in PowerPoint, contributing decisively to the success of your work.

    Statistical Analysis

    We carry out statistical analysis responsibly and consistently for any academic field we are asked to. Our Academic Writers have the necessary experience to successfully perform statistical analysis for academic essays of any field so at undergraduate as at postgraduate level

    Editing texts and books

    Make your intellectual “mark” indelible through the effective editing of your text by Academynet’s Academic Writers

    Documents and University Applications

    Academynet undertakes the complete process of preparing applications to secure a place for you at any university in Europe, U.S.A and Australia. We provide you with reliable guidance in choosing the right course, university and country based on your needs and the limitations you will set (level of tuition fees, location, world rankings). All the courses we propose are taught in English so that the foreign language will not become an obstacle to your studies. In addition, we undertake your support in completing and finalizing your application at the universities of your choice.

    We also undertake the writing of all the necessary documents that form an integral part of your application. We make a decisive contribution to the attractiveness of your candidacy by writing compelling, well-informed and personally-oriented documents. Note that many of the undergraduate and postgraduate courses that we suggest you are FREE.
    In particular, we provide you with the following services:
    Presention of all English-taught courses offered by universities, based on your requirements (financial capacity, geographic location, duration of studies, application deadline, entry requirements) through a report which we prepare specifically for you.
    Guidance on choosing the right course and university based on your interests and professional goals
    Support to completion of the university application
    Information on the scholarships offered by certain universities and the procedure for completing the application for this scholarship
    The writing of all the necessary documents for University applications (Personal StatementsStatement of PurposeMotivational letterCurriculum Vitae, Letter of recommendationReference Letter)

    Documents for Job applications

    Curriculum Vitae

    We strengthen your competitiveness and the attractiveness of your candidacy by providing you with a professional curriculum vitae persuading your prospective employer that you constitute the right choice for the job.

    Personal Statement for CV

    We have the necessary experience and knowledge to write unique and original personal statements for CV for each of you. We focus on you strengths and future prospects to distinguish you from the rest of candidates.

    Cover Letter

    We undertake cover letters centered on those points of your profile that converge to the requirements of the job offered. We strengthen your candidacy by writing unique cover letters for each job you apply for.

    Reference Letter

    We prepare original and targeted reference letters that will enhance the attractiveness of your application. We have the skill to provide you with well-written and documented reference letters that validate your value and effectiveness.