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    Studies in Great Britain, Carrer Test Academynet

    Welcome to Academynet

    Academynet provides reliable and comprehensive support in enrollments at universities of Great Britain and Career Test. Academynet undertakes with consistency and reliability the complete process in order to secure a place for you in university of Great Britain including the applications to ensure student residence and student loan, so the British state to cover the tuition fees. It is noted that Academynet provides you with proper guidance and in the choice of specialty through the test of vocational guidance. Using this qualified tool, you will assess your vocational interests and choose the most suited academic field and program.

    The reasons to choose Academynet are:

    • Provides fast and immediate responses to your questions until the work is completed and even after its completion
    • Provides highly responsible, reliable guidance and personalized advisory support at all stages of your studies
    • Provide high quality services at reasonable and affordable prices
    • Offers multiple and convenient payment methods
    • Privacy policy of your personal data
    • Builds relationships of mutual trust as consistency and accountability are our values


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    Reliability – Quality – Excellence

    ACADEMYNET Φοιτητικές Εργασίες

    Studies in Great Britain

    Studying in England, Scotland, Wales

    Your dream to study at the prestigious and internationally recognized universities of Great Britain becomes a reality through our proper guidance. Great Britain is an advantageous choice as the tuition fees and the living costs do not comprise an obstacle for the undergraduate and postgraduate studies in the universities of England, Scotland and Wales. The tuition fees for undergraduate and postgraduate courses are covered by student loan which is provided by the British state. Students can repay the loan after graduation only if their annual income exceeds £25.000 (about 28.060€). If, however, your earnings don’t exceed £25.000 per year, then the student loan will not ever be repaid and after a period of 30 years will be barred!! Academynet is the most suitable option for selecting the right universities in Great Britain, according to your preferred scientific field.

    Our company will guide you in choosing academic field, undergraduate or postgraduate program based on your interests. Also, it will help you in the preparation and submission of applications to the British universities of your choice, either for undergraduate or postgraduate studies, as well as in the process of obtaining a student loan and residence. In addition, Academynet assumes responsibility for the monitoring and management of applications until you enrol the university of your choice. In addition, it provides you with personalized counseling regarding the reduction of the cost of living, how the university operates, information about the educational system of Great Britain, etc.

    Professional Orientation

    The choice of your academic field and program is a critical decision for your life, as it determines the future. However, the largest proportion of young people is oriented in scientific fields or types of profession which, in the long run, are proved to be wrong.

    Undoubtedly, the choice of academic field must be taken cautiously, self-reflection and self-awareness, in time and properly. Therefore, achieving self-knowledge is considered to be essential in order to identify the talents and interests of candidate students (undergraduate or postgraduate).

    Our goal is to guide you properly as to minimize any false future decisions.

    Therefore, we provide a reliable Vocational Guidance – two types of career test in order to identify your inclinations and professional interests. The first is aimed at high school graduates who seek guidance to choose the right university and specialty for their undergraduate studies. For the graduate students, we provide the career test for those who seek the subject of specialization at postgraduate studies. Our goal is to guide you properly as to select the appropriate scientific field but also to identify your vocational interests that will lead to a remarkable professional career in Greece or abroad.

    Confide in Academynet as to provide you with the necessary tools which will guide you to choose the academic field and program that really suits you, based on your interests.

    ACADEMYNET Πληροφορίες


    About us

    Academynet started to operate dynamically in tutoring and mentoring undergraduate and postgraduate students. Its presence is not merely nationwide, as its success was noticeable also abroad. Academynet is constantly evolving, enriching even more its services. Now, Academynet provides career tests and undertakes registrations in the universities of Great Britain.

    Why choose us

    We are able to responsibly and reliably guide even the most demanding students in their academic career. The high quality of our services is specially designed to help high school graduates and undergraduate or postgraduate students in the achievement of their academic goals.

    Ways of Payment

    Academynet accepts payments via the electronic payment platform Viva Payments and via bank deposit.

    Contact Details

    Tel: +30 6970445824


    Contact hours (GMT: +2hours)

    Monday to Friday 09:00-21:00

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