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    About Us

    About us – Academynet

    Academynet started to operate dynamically in tutoring and mentoring undergraduate and postgraduate students. Its presence is not merely nationwide, as its success was noticeable also abroad.

    However, Academynet is constantly evolving, improving and enriching even more its services. Starting from high school graduates to future postgraduate students, Academynet aims in assisting students in obtaining a bachelor or master’s degree from the internationally recognized universities of Great Britain. In addition, by testing your professional orientation, you will choose the right undergraduate or postgraduate program, according to your interests. Upon your choice with respect to the scientific field and program, Academynet starts the process for your admission in one of your preferred universities. In addition, Academynet undertakes the preparation and submission of applications to ensure student loan and housing.

    We are able to responsible and reliable guide even the most demanding students in their academic career. The high quality of our services is specially designed to help high school graduates and students in the achievement of their objectives.

    We provide high quality services at low costs and because of you, we are still in front-line. By choosing us, you make sure that your expectations are fulfilled.

    Request now a free of charge pricing of the service you require by filling in the Contact Form or by sending us an email.