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    Plagiarism Check

    Plagiarism Check

    Plagiarism Check of Academic Essays and Website texts

    Plagiarism is defined as the theft of an author’s intellectual property, which action is strictly punished by the academic community. The emergence of a significant degree of plagiarism in academic essays leads to the student’s zeroing or to disciplinary persecution. Note that there are two types of plagiarism. The first one is the direct plagiarism where the extracts are fully copied into the text without meticulous reference to the source. The second type of plagiarism is the indirect, where the writer passes to his/her text the ideas of another author simply by paraphrasing them without placing the citation. There are many plagiarism phenomena that in some cases are due to the inexperience or inability of the student to use the information that he/she derives from various sources in a legitimate way. As plagiarism is a misconduct, it is necessary to plagiarism check your essay, before handing it to the university.

    Academynet has at its disposal a reliable plagiarism check program that detects: 1. The extracts where 100% plagiarism is detected. 2. The extracts where partial plagiarism is detected, as well as the percentage of plagiarism at these extracts, from the source. After the completion of the plagiarism checking, we send you a report detailing all the extracts that plagiarism is detected. Specifically, the total and partial textual copying is highlighted, as well as the total percentage of plagiarism.

    Whatever academic essay you have undertaken and you are unsure about the level of plagiarism it displays, contact us. Academynet gives you reliable information about your essay’s degree of validity.

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