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    Statistical Analysis

    Στατιστικές Αναλύσεις, statistical analyses

    Statistical Analysis

    Statistical Analysis Using SPSS for Students studying in Europe, U.S.A and Australia

    We undertake to conduct high-level statistical analysis for academic essays and businesses. We have the necessary ability to carry out even the most specialized statistical analyses for all scientific disciplines. Using the easy-to-use and widespread SPSS statistical program, we undertake the data entry and processing, statistical analysis and then the interpretation of the results. Depending on the data you want to process, we use a wide range of statistical techniques such as:

    • Descriptive Statistics
    • Correlation Analysis
    • Reliability Analysis
    • Factor Analysis
    • Simple Linear Regression Analysis
    • Multiple Linear Regression
    • Frequencies Analysis
    • Means Comparison
    • Non-parametric Tests
    • Factor Analysis

    We have the required knowledge in the statistical analysis, the scientific interpretation of the results and the methodical design of the research so as to commit to:

    • Entry and processing of your data
    • Use the statistical techniques that are required in your research
    • Carry out original and structured scientific research
    • Scientific interpretation of the results and the extraction of objective and well-documented conclusions
    • Critical analysis of research findings
    • Present the findings in a scientific, complete, coherent and organized way
    • Make corrections to your essay based on your supervisor’s suggestions/comments
    • Instantly respond to your queries until your essay is completed and even after its completion
    • The uniqueness of your work, which is not a product of copied work

    Academynet responsibly and consistently conducts statistical analyses for academic essays written in English. We have the necessary experience and skills to successfully perform statistical analyses for undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

    Any essay you have undertaken that requires statistical analysis, at any university in Europe, U.S.A. and Australia, Academynet supports you fast, reliable and always at low cost.

    Contact us to provide you the statistical analysis service fast and suvvessfuly with multiple payment methods.

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