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    Book and Text Editing

    Book and text editing

    Book and text editing – we leave our “stigma” through the professional and diligent editing of your text

    Text editing is the most important stage that a writer has to take in order to complete and publish his or her work. It is almost impossible, even for the most experienced writers, to avoid syntactical, grammatical or conceptual infelicities. In addition, in some cases, the author may write a remarkable text in terms of content, but it may have stylistic flaws.

    Editing and correcting texts is a field that is inherent in the publishing process. It is inextricably linked with the excellent presentation of texts (books, articles, newspapers, magazines) that are under publishing.

    Text editing includes literary, linguistic editing and correction of spelling, grammatical and editorial mistakes. In addition, a text editor does a processing on the structure of the whole text so that it can be accepted for publication. It is a highly demanding and time consuming process that requires specific knowledge and diligence. Thus, it is advisable the process of text editing to be assigned to knowledgeable and skillful experts.

    Academynet commits to:

    • Make corrections of spelling, grammatical and editorial mistakes of your text
    • The existence of consistency and linguistic clarity of your your text
    • The creation of proper structure that will be characterized by logical order and coherence of the content in your text
    • Identify any deviations or stylistic infelicities and revise the text so that to be well balanced
    • The correction of irrelevant pieces of text that create significant ambiguities and confusion
    • Linguistic check of your work according to the linguistic and conventional rules
    • Technical check of your text in accordance with typographical rules
    • Labeling any mistakes, inconsistencies, and inaccuracies that break the smooth flow of your text

    Academynet, which is renowned for its high-quality writing services, can undertake with full responsibility the editing of your text. Contact Academynet in order to provide you with the ability to leave your spiritual “stamp” indelible, through the effective editing of your text.

    We do not simply correct your texts, but we leave our “stigma” through the professional and diligent editing of your text.

    State that we provide you the “Text Editing” service at low price, with multiple payment methods.

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