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    Personal Statement

    Personal Statement

    Writing Personal Statement – We differentiate you from the mass of other candidates!

    The degree of your previous acquired diploma is the most important assessment criterion, for the universities, in the process of selecting new students. However, a high degree is not enough to distinguish you in cases where there are other candidates with same qualifications as you. Until recently, universities have been interviewing the candidates in order to make their final selection. However, the interview process tends to be abolished and replaced with the Personal Statement as a determining criterion for admission. A complete Personal Statement contributes decisively in securing a place at the university of your choice, as there is a plethora of candidates with similar qualifications as you. In addition, it greatly increases the attractiveness of your application and the possibility of getting a scholarship.

    Through the Personal Statement, the university admissions committee want to be informed about the skills and capabilities of the candidates. Thus, if you want to stand out, you need to present a unique, well-structured and thoughtful Personal Statement.

    The Personal Statement represents your unique opportunity to give a positive impression about your abilities to the university admission committee. You have to convince them about your suitability and sufficiency.

    Academynet undertakes the writing of a unique and well-crafted Personal Statement to present yourself in the most appealing way. We are experts in designing Personal Statements using a language that is attractive and interesting to university evaluators. At Academynet we write unique Personal Statements in a way that are focused on the strengths of your personality.

    We know the entry requirements of universities and we have the necessary knowledge to differentiate the content of Personal Statements accordingly. We care to always update with current trends and criteria set by universities, as to secure your success! Initially, we investigate your profile to show those features that will differentiate you from the mass of other candidates.

    We state that we provide you the “Personal Statement” service at low price with multiple payment methods.

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