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    Career Test

    Career Test

    The choice of your academic field and program is a critical decision for your life, as it determines the future. However, the largest proportion of young people is oriented in scientific fields or types of profession which, in the long run, are proved to be wrong. Undoubtedly, the choice of academic field must be taken cautiously, self-reflection and self-awareness, in time and properly. Therefore, achieving self-knowledge is considered to be essential in order to identify the talents and interests of candidate students (undergraduate or postgraduate). The goal of Academynet is to guide you properly as to minimize any false future decisions via Career Test.

    Therefore, we provide a reliable Vocational Guidance – Horizon Career test in order to identify your inclinations and professional interests.

    Confide in Academynet as to provide you with the necessary tools which will guide you to choose the academic field and program that really suits you, based on your interests.

    The future belongs to those who attempt to seize it!!!


    Vocational Guidance – Horizon Career test

    The Academynet provides Vocational Guidance – Horizon test, which is based on the generally accepted typology of six types of interests, as proposed by Holland; Realistic (Doers), Investigative (Thinkers), Artistic (Creators), Social (Helpers), Enterprising (Persuaders) and Conventional (Organizers).

    We provide 2 types of the Horizon test. The first, Horizon high school, is aimed at high school graduates who seek guidance to choose the right university and specialty for their undergraduate studies. The second test, Horizon Masters, focuses on graduate students who seek the subject of specialization at postgraduate studies.

    The candidates answer a range of questions as to identify the scientific fields corresponding to their professional interests. The results are given directly to the student in the form of a personal 30-pages report. These reports include color histograms, tables and explanatory accompanying text.

    The completion of the test takes approximately 20 – 30 minutes. During test, the respondents are asked to answer 190 questions (6-point scale) which are referred to in 38 professional activities (categories). Using the 6-point scale, students discover their professional interests and relate them to university departments, thus recognizing specific educational directions that best correspond to their personality and which they have to follow in order to achieve personal fulfillment.


    Advantages of the Horizon test:

    • Speed, accuracy, reliability, validity and clarity of its conclusions.
    • It is weighted and successfully tested in practice for many years, using a large sample of people
    • Is implemented, using a user-friendly, computer-based, questionnaire
    • The questions are on scale so that the results are objective and valid
    • Each person’s vocational interests are related to all university and technological institute departments presented in the Greek Application Form for University Admission
    • Helps students discover their professional interests
    • Recognizes specific educational directions that best correspond to your personality in order to achieve personal fulfillment.
    • Demonstrates vocational interest areas

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