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    Documents for Job Applications

    Documents for Job Applications

    Documents for Job Applications – We convince prospective employers for your suitability!

    At Academynet, we have the required expertise and knowledge to undertake the writing of all the documents for job applications:

    Curriculum Vitae

    The curriculum vitae is considered to be the “showcase” of yourself. This means that its appearance and content constitute the key factor for you in achieving an interview.

    We strengthen your competitiveness and the attractiveness of your candidacy by providing you with a thoughtful and professional curriculum vitae. We are experts in persuading your prospective employer that you are the right choice for the job offered and we increase the chances of you to be called to a professional interview with him/her.

    Personal Statement for CV

    Through the personal statement, you have the opportunity to highlight those elements of your personality that make you the ideal person for the offered position. Therefore, the personal statement is a decisive criterion for your choice.

    At Academynet we write unique and original personal statements for everyone to distinguish you from the mass of candidates.

    Cover letter

    A large number of employers examine cover letters to identify the most suitable candidates. The cover letter is your only chance to distinguish yourself from a large number of candidates claiming the same position.

    We enhance your image and strengthen your candidacy by writing excellent cover letters for each job position you are claiming for.

    Reference Letter

    The reference letter certifies your skills by a third person who knows the quality of your professional work. This means that a well-written reference letter is a decisive factor for your choice among a large number of co-candidates.

    We produce original and targeted reference letters that will enhance the attractiveness of your application. We have the necessary skills to provide you with well-written and documented reference letters that validate your professional value and effectiveness.

    We state that we provide you with documents for job applications at a very competitive price with multiple payment methods.

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