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    Cover Letter

    Cover Letter

    Cover Letter – We Strengthen Your Candidacy!

    A large number of employers examine the cover letters to identify the most suitable candidates. Note that the cover letter precedes the reading of the CV by the Human Resource manager. This means that it has to be compiled in an attractive and professional manner in order to draw his/her attention. Just because the cover letter is being read first, it must be geared to the points of your qualifications that are related to the prerequisites of the offered position.

    When a CV is not accompanied by a cover letter or when it is sent without modification to all companies, it is perceived by the potential employers as a lack of professionalism and genuine interest from you. Therefore, it is necessary to draw up a cover letter for each job position you are applying to, which will be modified accordingly to the type of job you are interested in.

    In essence, the cover letter is your only opportunity to present yourself in the best possible way. Your goal is to stand out among a large number of candidates claiming the same position. This document must therefore be drawn up with particular caution.

    At this important stage in your professional career, Academynet will assist you. We undertake the writing of cover letters that enhance your competitiveness and differentiate you from other candidates. We show in a professional and appealing way your strengths, with respect to your skills and personality traits. In addition, we clearly show how the prerequisites of a given position are related to your qualifications. We also focus on how your knowledge and skills will contribute to meet the requirements of this position.

    We responsibly undertake strengthening your profile and candidacy by writing excellent cover letters for each job position you are claiming. We also modify each cover letter accordingly to the type of job you are interested in.

    We state that we provide you with the “Cover Letter” service at competitive price with multiple payment methods.

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