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    Study in Bulgaria

    Study in Bulgaria

    Study in Bulgaria – High-level studies with low cost of living

    If you want to study in Bulgaria, Academynet can help you in choosing the right program and at the university application process. Bulgarian universities offer a wide range of English-taught programs at low cost, some of which are provided for free. Bulgaria’s universities are internationally recognized for their high academic level, being classified in high positions in the European ranking. In addition, Bulgaria is one of the countries with the most affordable cost of living. The high-level of education combined with the low cost of living and tuition fees, place Bulgaria in one of the most desirable destinations for students from all over the world. The fact that graduates of Bulgarian universities enjoy many vocational rehabilitation opportunities lead Bulgaria at the top of students’ preferences.

    We at Academynet know precisely the universities’ entry requirements to study in Bulgaria. Academynet can support you in the process of applying to universities in Bulgaria. We help you to increase the chances of entering to your desired university, relieving you of this time-consuming process.

    Firstly, we identify your professional and academic goals as well as your expectations. We give you the right direction to choose the program and university that best suits your profile. When you choose a program and a university, we continue with the process of filling out your application.

    After completing your application, we investigate the strengths of your personality and future career prospects in order to compile the required application documents (Personal StatementStatement of PurposeMotivation Letter, Curriculum VitaeReference LetterLetter of Recommendation). These documents greatly contribute to the success of your application. Our knowledge and experience are a guarantee for the writing of well-crafted and targeted application documents that highlight your qualifications and meet the universities’ requirements at the greatest extent. We present you as a suitable student to add value to their program, gaining a comparative advantage over the rest of the candidates.

    The “Study in Bulgaria” service includes the following:

    • Presenting all the programs offered by universities, based on your requirements (financial capacity, location, entry requirements) through a report we write specifically for you.
    • Guidance on selecting the most appropriate programs and university based on your academic profile and professional goals
    • Support in filling out and completing your application
    • Information on the scholarships offered by universities and the procedure for completing the application for a scholarship
    • Writing the supporting application documents (Personal StatementStatement of PurposeMotivation Letter, Curriculum VitaeReference LetterLetter of Recommendation)

    Note that all the above “Study in Bulgaria” services are also available individually, according to your needs and financial capacity.

    We are the experts in providing integrated and personalized services, making sure that your application is successful!

    We state that we provide you with the “Study in Bulgaria” service at competitive price with multiple payment methods.

    Ask for a free Quotation for the “Study in Bulgaria” service by filling out the Contact Form or by sending us email