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    Study in England

    Study in England, Scotland, Wales

    Study in England, Scotland, Wales – Studies of high repute

    If you are interested in studying in a short period of time at internationally recognized univeristies, choose to study in England. The universities of Great Britain provide undergraduate and postgraduate programs which can meet the needs of every student, regardless of their economic status and requirements.

    It is noteworthy that you can study in England, Wales and Scotland at low cost! The tuition fees for undergraduate and postgraduate programs are covered by student loan which is provided by the British state. Students can repay the loan after graduation only if their annual income exceeds £25.000 (about 28.060€). If, however, your earnings don’t exceed £25.000 per year, then the student loan will not ever be repaid and after a period of 30 years will be barred. Remember that the state loan, which covers the undergraduate and postgraduate studies, in Great Britain is not part of the European funds. Therefore, it is subject to the discretion of the British state to continue the funding of your studies in England in case of BREXIT.

    Study in England is an excellent and affordable choice for you!


    Why to Study in England

    Why to study in England: Study in England for the right value of the money you will invest!!

    • Faster graduation. Indicatively you obtain Bachelor’s degree in only 3 years and a master’s degree in 12 months of full-time studies.
    • British qualifications are internationally valued and recognized. British institutions are consistently ranked among the best in the world
    • British Universities offer excellent facilities such as lecture and seminar halls, student residences with excellent infrastructure, modern laboratories and fully equipped libraries.
    • Enhance your CV and gain a competitive advantage in the labor market.
    • You are provided with the necessary instructional tools in order to fulfill the requirements of the modern era. British universities, combining academic knowledge and practical skills, promise a successful professional career.
    • The cost to study in England is not high, as the British state covers the tuition fees through the provision of the student loan.
    • You enjoy luxurious student accommodation where the prices vary between 180 – 500£ per month! Amenities (such as electricity, heating, water supply and Internet connection) are included in the price. Student residence are usually located within the campus, eliminating long distance for reaching the university.
    • There are many options to compensate for the cost of living in Great Britain in order to convey your studies to an exceptional life experience at low cost. The libraries provide full support to the students and purchasing the textbooks is not mandatory. Also, by obtaining a student card, you can get a discount in many stores and services, such as restaurants, clothing & footwear, entertainment, transport, etc.

    Academynet’s services

    Study in England – Study in Wales – Study in Scotland

    The “Study in England” service includes the following:

    • Presenting all the programs offered by the universities, based on your requirements, through a report that we write specifically for you
    • Guidance on selecting the most appropriate programs and universities based on your profile and career prospects
    • The preparation and submission of your application to 5 universities of your choice
    • Information on the scholarships offered by universities and the procedure for completing the application for a scholarship
    • The preparation and submission of the applications for student residence and student loan
    • The successful writing of your Personal Statement that highlights your qualifications and capabilities. A properly written Personal Statement is the key to secure a position at a British university.
    • The proper guidance for writing the reference letters in collaboration with your preferred professors and/or employers.
    • Writing your CV / resume in English. The form of the CV is differentiated for each student and a common standardized document is not used.
    • Advisory support in order to reduce the cost of living in Great Britain
    • Information about transport, accommodation, opening of bank accounts, how the university operates, the medical care, etc.

    Note that all of the above above “Study in England” services are also available individually, according to your needs and financial capacity.

    Viewing that the choice to study in England as unaffordable is a myth!!! We have the knowledge and experience in order you to enjoy high-profile studies and accommodation at low cost


    Why to choose Academynet to study in England?

    The main purpose of Academynet is to give you all the necessary information in order to choose the most suitable undergraduate or postgraduate program. In addition, we have the knowledge and experience required in order to secure a place for you at your preferred university.

    We provide you with comprehensive guidance from the stage of graduation from high school until you enter at the university of your choice. With our guidance, you will choose the program and the university that best suits you, investing in your future.

    We at Academynet:

    • Comfort you from the stress of the complex and time-consuming process of the enrollment process
    • Provide you reliable solutions for studies
    • Offer personalized services, according to your needs
    • Guide you through smooth adaptation and integration to your new way of life
    • Offer single or full spectrum of services (securing position, student loan and accommodation).

    We state that we provide you the “Study in England” service at a competitive price with multiple payment methods.

    Academynet provides nationwide high-quality services at reasonable and affordable prices. The decision to study in England is an excellent and affordable choice for you.

    Ask for a free Quotation for the “Study in England” service by filling out the Contact Form or by sending us email