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    Terms and Conditions of Use

    • Agreement

    The terms and conditions listed below regulate the operation and use of the educational website. Every visitor/user of this website must study the terms and conditions stated below. In case of disagreement with these terms and conditions, the visitor/user is advised to stop browsing the site and not use any service provided by Academynet. Otherwise, by browsing and using Academynet educational website, it is presumed that the visitor/user accepts explicitly, unconditionally and irrevocably these terms and conditions. Academynet reserves the right to modify the Terms and Conditions of Use at any time, without notice or justification. For this reason, the visitor/user of this website must check on each visit the terms of use for any modification. Using  the site constitutes unconditional acceptance of any modification of the terms. Academynet is bound to indicate the date of last modification of the terms at the end of this text. It is presumed that the visitor/user is aware of any modification that has occurred in this site at the time of browsing/using it.

    • Copyrights

    Academynet has all copyrights of the whole content of this site including logos, photographs, images, texts and graphics. Academynet’s copyrights are protected by the restrictions on intellectual property according to National and Community Law in conjunction with the relevant international regulations. Consequently, any action consisting of partial or total republication, reproduction, modification, copying, publication, storage, translation, download of part or all of the content of the site, including the services provided to the user is expressly prohibited unless there is written consent of the owner of Academynet. In the event of violation of the above restrictions Academynet reserves the right to execute all its legal rights. However, it is permissible to use part of the content of this website only on a personal computer and only for personal use, subject to explicit reference to its source. In no case, however, this permissible use of content may concern commercial use and it does not constitute a withdrawal of any rights on the part of Academynet.

    • Liabilities

    Academynet does not bear any responsibility for any damage or consequence causing suffering to the visitor/user from entering the website and using any service or information provided to him. Furthermore, Academynet bears no responsibility if the visitors/users use any service or product in an unlawful manner or for illegal purposes. The website may include links (hyperlinks) to other third-party websites. Browsing these websites is subject to the terms of use of each website. Academynet is not responsible for the content of these websites and it is not responsible for cases in which the servers through which they are provided carry viruses or other malicious software or for the manner in which any third party manages personal Data of its users. In general, access through links to third party websites is done under the sole responsibility of each visitor/user.

    • Users’ Obligations

    The visitor/user of the website is committed to adhering to the Greek legislation as well as to the E.C. and the International Regulations for the Internet and Telecommunications. In the event of violation of this legislation and the relevant provisions, the visitor/user bears full responsibility of the act and is obliged to attend any legal proceedings required by this act. In the event that a visitor/user insults with  his or her responsibility this website or any legal goods of a third party or Academynet, then in addition to the third party’s claim for compensation, Academynet reserves the right to turn against this visitor/user and claim compensation for the damage caused by breaching the terms of use and cooperation as well as for any other legal consequence resulting from his act. The visitor/user agrees to be courteous and decent in his conduct and to comply with the rules of the Code of Ethics Behavior on the Internet (Netiquette) during his electronic communication either with a representative of Academynet or with any other visitor/user of this website. In the event of breaching any of these rules, Academynet reserves the right to deactivate the user of this website and to terminate any cooperation with him. Academynet is not responsible for the actions of its users. Academynet is not responsible for any content sent or published by its users/visitors that is abusive or offensive or carries viruses or other malicious software or content that violates the Greek Laws, European and International Law or violates Copyrights of third parties. In the event of violation of any of these terms, Academynet reserves the right to deactivate the user’s account or to restrict its access to it and to delete the material sent. Finally, Academynet reserves the right to partially or completely modify or even interrupt the services offered either temporarily or permanently without prior notice to the users/members.

    • Promotions and Brochures

    Academynet may send promotional material in brochures or personal discount vouchers to the e-mail address of users indicated in completing the special field on the home page of this site or on the free pricing field. In case a visitor/user does not wish to receive such material, s/he can withdraw from the list of recipients.

    Last date of revision: 18/08/2017